Valoriani Maximo Elektro Pizzaofen

Valoriania Maximo electric pizza oven, 110cm

4-6 pizzas gastronomy best suited for:


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Valoriani's first electric pizza oven Maximo

The Maximo is Valoriani Forni's first electric pizza oven for the restaurant industry. The Maximo is equipped with the RHS® Evolution air recirculation system. The technology, patented by Valoriani, generates a stream of steam that circulates in a circuit inside the oven. This makes the ovens efficient and economical. Moreover, the RSH system makes baking more homogeneous and improves the development of the dough during baking. 

The Maximo is equipped with the best insulation materials in large thicknesses, guaranteeing perfect thermal insulation and significant energy savings. The refractory bottom of Valoriani is composed of six modules that can be easily interchanged and is available in different versions specifically designed for the different types of baking, from classic to Neapolitan pizza.

Powerful and reliable

The evolution of the traditional Valoriani dome shape has resulted in an elegant, customizable aesthetic form that can be easily integrated into any type of furnishing. The dimensions and refractory materials of the dome are the result of a careful study of the baking and cooking phases of the pizza, allowing easy use of the entire baking chamber surface. The upper radiant heating elements, coated with opalescent quartz, together with the lower ones, perfectly reproduce the flame of a traditional wood-burning oven.


Internal diameter: 110
Outer dimension height (in cm): 191
Outer dimension length (in cm): 190
Outer dimension width (in cm): 159
Power (kW) : 16

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