Millberg Spitfire: Gasbrenner


Spitfire - professional gas burner

Wood or gas? This is an important question for many restaurateurs when purchasing a pizza oven. Gas firing has significant advantages, especially when it comes to a Milberg Spitfire gas burner. These gas burners are specifically designed for pizza oven firing and feature a patented blower system. Thus, the Spitfire has up to ten nozzles from which the fire heats the oven. A blower is used to distribute the heat. And because the Spitfire has ten nozzles instead of the usual one, the gas burns completely and odorlessly while consuming very little fuel. The difficile technology ensures optimum energy efficiency. The Spitfire consumes 30-50 percent less gas than a standard burner, so one hour of operation with the Milberg costs a maximum of 1 euro.

Energy efficiency alone is a decisive argument, but there are several other advantages. The heating phase is very short with the Spitfire gas fan burner. At the push of a button, the fire burns. The fan swirls the hot air and the oven reaches operating temperature in a short time. The gas burner for the pizza oven has an automatic system that keeps the oven permanently at the set temperature. This is a great advantage, especially in the catering industry. The cook does not have to worry about the fire or that the oven loses temperature, the Spitfire regulates this fully automatically. The concentration remains on the cooking itself.

The Milberg Spitfire is suitable for all gastronomic pizza ovens, especially for the large Valoriani models. But there is also a specially designed blower gas burner for the exclusive Valoriani Baby. Contact us! We will find the right model for your needs!


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