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Gastronomic dough dividers and rounders: Vitella, semi-automatic

  • 9 different programs
  • easy cleaning and maintenance
  • long life
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Semi-automatic circular moulder

Vitella dough dividers are available in three versions: manual, semi-automatic and automatic. They facilitate the portioning of large quantities of dough. You just weigh the dough, put it in the machine, start it manually by muscle power or automatically by pressing a button and after 60-90 seconds you have perfectly shaped dough balls. The machines are suitable for doughs of different hydration. Even pizza doughs with a hydration of approx. 70% are processed perfectly. Numerous customers confirm to process Neapolitan dough (60%-70% hydration) with the Vitella machines and are very satisfied with the results. The result always depends individually on the type of flour and the dough production process. The production method of the dough can be adapted to the appliance.

New: Vitella round cookers are certified by the AVPN for original Neapolitan pizza.

Machine with hydraulic drive, with 2 cylinders for pressing and one cylinder for dividing. The pressing time and the opening time of the forming chamber can be set on the control panel. The rounding is performed with a lever. Push button for cleaning the knives. Up to 9 different programs can be stored.

Care of the machine

To ensure smooth operation and, above all, a long service life of the machine, we recommend that you clean it regularly both inside and outside (see operating instructions). The stainless steel, lacquered panels, PE500 polyethylene and PETG panels can be easily cleaned with soap and water or neutral detergent, then rinsed thoroughly and dried with a soft cloth.

Used materials

  • Painted welded steel frame
  • Painted or stainless steel cladding
  • Tubs and heads in anodized aluminum Anticorodal MG5
  • Knives and grids in stainless steel 304
  • Inner surface of lid and presser made of food grade polyethylene PE500
  • Plates made of food grade polyethylene PETG
  • Aluminum ring with electroless nickel plating

Electrical connection

All machines are supplied with a standard connection: three-phase 400 volt 50 Hz. Other voltages are available on request.

All machines comply with EC directives and are manufactured in Italy.

Divisionsweight min in gr. weight max in gr.capacityt in kghead diameter in mm
 11180 500 5,5 400
 15 150 360 5,5 400
 18 120 280 5 400
 22 60 220 5 400
 30 40 135 4 400
 36 34 110 4 400
 30s 25 90 2,7 340
 52 12 40 2 340


  • Knitted plate made of food-grade polyethylene PETG


Outer dimension height (in cm): 145
Outer dimension length (in cm): 70
Outer dimension width (in cm): 75
Weight (in kg): 245

Videos about Gastronomic dough dividers and rounders: Vitella, semi-automatic


Vitella Rundwirker: Der Test

Vitella Rundwirker: Der Test

Vitella in the test: How is the perfect pizza ball made? We show you.

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