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Valoriani gas burner Avanzini

  • atmospheric gas burner
  • semi-professional
  • for retrofitting Valoriani Top, FVR and Hobby models
  • for propane gas and natural gas
  • professional installation required
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Art.Nr.: AvanziniP1Plus


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Atmospheric gas burner for Valoriani

Atmospheric gas burner for semi-professional use and retrofitting or equipping of the FVR, Hobby and Top series for internal sizes 80cm, power 15-20KW with one flame, consumption approx. 1.5/2kg per hour at max. flame. Suitable for propane gas or natural gas. Optionally the model P1 Plus for wood-burning ovens and pizza ovens from 100/110cm inner diameter. The P1 Plus has a higher output and therefore heats up your bread oven faster. Standard configuration is for propane gas, optionally also available with natural gas spraying, please give info when ordering.

Also suitable for retrofitting in existing dome ovens, ideal for installation length approx. 20/25cm = base plate 10cm + insulation base plate 10cm + 5cm base dome oven.

Please note that a professional installation is necessary and the burner must be installed on site.

Download the installation information for the preparation of the lower base as a PDF file.


  • Gas burner for professional installation


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