Tray / cutting board with feet, Gi.Metal, stainless steel, perforated, Ø 41cm | VPFT41

Tray / cutting board with feet, Gi.Metal, stainless steel, perforated, Ø 41cm


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Art.Nr.: VPFT41


Rectangular Tray / Cutting Board for Pizza / Pinsa / Focaccia Service

The rectangular tray / cutting board by Gi.Metal is the ideal tool for professional service of pizza, pinsa, focaccia, pizza per meter, and directly at the customer's table. With its high-quality craftsmanship and functionality, it allows you to present your dishes in a stylish and practical manner.

Perfect Steam and Moisture Drainage

Thanks to the special feet and perforated surface of the tray, steam and moisture can drain away, preserving the aroma and quality of your products. Your pizza or focaccia will remain wonderfully crispy and flavorful.

High-Quality and Easy-to-Clean Aluminum

The tray is made of high-quality aluminum that is both functional and easy to handle. It is easy to clean and provides long-lasting performance. With its smooth surface and robust material, it is ideal for daily use in your kitchen or pizzeria.

Practical Hole Design for Easy Portioning

The tray's hole design is specially crafted to allow you to easily suggest cutting lines, making portioning your pizza or focaccia quick and effortless. The tray design assists you in evenly and efficiently dividing your dishes.

Versatile and Appealing Design

The rectangular tray / cutting board by Gi.Metal boasts an essential and sleek design that adapts to both classic and modern styles. It is an aesthetically pleasing tool that stylishly presents your dishes and leaves a professional impression. Additionally, the tray is adorned with the laser-engraved Gi.Metal logo on one of the edges.

100% Made in Italy

Like all Gi.Metal products, this tray / cutting board is 100% made in Italy. Gi.Metal is renowned for its outstanding quality in pizza preparation tools, representing artisanal perfection and innovation.

Material: Press-formed Aluminum Sheet

The tray / cutting board is crafted from high-quality press-formed aluminum sheet, ensuring optimal heat conductivity and durability. It is a reliable tool that guarantees long-term use and excellent results.


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