Pizza tray, beech wood, food certified, Ø 40 cm | VB40

Pizza tray, beech wood, food certified, Ø 40 cm

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Art.Nr.: VB40


Pizzaboard made of high-quality beech wood

The pizza board made of high-quality beech wood, manufactured by Gi.Metal, is a versatile and appealing accessory for all pizza lovers. With a diameter of 40 cm, it provides ample space for pizzas of all sizes and is ideal for use in both gastronomy and private settings.

Natural and rustic touch

The food-certified beech wood not only creates a warm and cozy atmosphere in your space but also perfectly harmonizes with both modern and classic decor styles. It adds a natural and rustic touch to your kitchen, restaurant, or dining area.

Easy cleaning and durability

Another great advantage of this pizza board is its easy cleaning. Simply wipe it with warm water and mild soap, and it will be ready for the next pizza round. The high quality of the beech wood ensures long-lasting durability, providing you with years of enjoyment with this pizza board.

Enhance your pizza nights with Gi.Metal's beech wood pizza board

Add a touch of elegance to your pizza evenings with Gi.Metal's beech wood pizza board and savor the authentic taste of a perfectly baked pizza.


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