Rezept Sauerteigbrot und Brötchen

Recipe for bread and rolls with sourdough

Here we have a great recipe from our baking class with Hendrik for sourdough bread or rolls with detailed instructions.

Easy and delicious: sourdough bread for beginners 

In our course "Bread and rolls with sourdough" with Hendrik from The Bread Code you will learn a lot of skills that make bread baking easy. New dates start in autumn. Until then, we will show you a recipe for a simple but very tasty sourdough bread. 

The preparation in detail: 

  • Prepare the sourdough from the starter in the evening. 
  • Mix all ingredients and knead for 2 minutes. 
  • Wait 5 minutes and knead again for two minutes. 
  • Proof until the dough has doubled in volume. The less sourdough, the slower the dough develops and the more flavour is added to the bread. If you have 5g of sourdough, you can leave the dough to mature overnight. When the dough has doubled, you can pre-shape it. 
  • That is, gently shape it into a round piece. Wait 10 minutes. Shape it into a bread or roll and place it in the proofing area. 
  • As soon as your finger leaves an indelible impression in the dough, it is ready to bake. 
  • Before baking, spray the dough with water and place the dough in the oven. Bake until browned to your liking and it's done.
Now you've made a super tasty bread or roll. If you want to know all Hendrik's tricks for baking bread, book a course ticket for the new date in autumn.

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