Bernardi Miss Baker Chef 3kg

Bernardi Miss Baker Chef XL, Dough Mixer 6kg

hobby best suited for:
  • Taucharmkneter
  • 2 Knetstufen
  • 3kg Teigvolumen
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Miss Baker Pro: Die große Schwester mit 5 Knetstufen

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Miss Baker® Chef XL Immersion Kneader

Miss Baker® Chef XL kneads up to 6kg of the following basic doughs: pizza, bread and focaccia, shortcrust, puff pastry and egg pasta.
Despite their small size, Miss Baker® Chef and Chef XL conceal the best that technology has to offer in their all-steel frame. The arm movement system consists of two speeds (38 and 52 strokes per minute) with a highly efficient induction motor. The complete removability of the kneading arms makes cleaning this revolutionary mixer easy. Finally, all Miss Baker® Chef and Chef XL are equipped with a two-channel emergency stop system (Safety Torque Off) and a touch system control panel that allows you to control the rhythm of the machine
  • Two speeds for the movement of the arms (38 and 52 strokes per minute)
  • compact system with two arms fully 
  • extendable kneading arms
  • Emergency stop system with two channels ("Safety Torque Off")
  • Touch-system control panel
  • highly efficient induction motor
It is ideal for households, small laboratories and restaurants.


  • Taucharmkneter mit 10l Bottich
  • Schürze
  • Teigschaber
  • Mikrofasertuch


Color Bernardi: Red, Stainless steel, White
Kneading steps Bernardi : 2 level
Outer dimension height (in cm): 51
Outer dimension width (in cm): 49
Weight (in kg): 28
Leistung in Watt: 500 Watt


Bernardi Chef: New dough mixer with 2 speeds

Bernardi Chef: New dough mixer with 2 speeds

New in our range: Bernardi Chef dough machine with 2 speeds.

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